Blast Wrecks Oil Plant

Issue 7 and Volume 86.

Blast Wrecks Oil Plant NINE lives were lost, twenty-one people were injured, and an area of nearly four city blocks was devastated when the Richfield Oil Company’s absorption plant in Signal Hill, Cal., exploded with a terriffic blast that unroofed dwellings nearly four blocks away, and broke windows as far distant as San Pedro. The blast was felt in Monrovia, a distance of nearly forty miles. When the smoke cleared away after five solid hours of battle waged by Fire Departments of three cities and three major oil companies, thirteen derricks were found totally destroyed, thirteen were so badly damaged that their crews were unable to resume operations, some twenty oil and gasoline tanks were totally or partially ruined, several dehydrators had blown up, and between eighteen and twenty-five automobiles and trucks were burned up. The disaster, that rocked a neighborhood already on edge as a result of the recent…

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