Apparatus Must Obey Traffic Rules

Issue 8 and Volume 86.

Apparatus Must Obey Traffic Rules A Superior Court Judge of California decided that fire apparatus must obey the laws required of other vehicles. In 1930 there was a four-alarm hotel fire in Oakland, Cal., during the afternoon, in the heart of the city. A spark from the hotel fire started a shingle roof blaze a few blocks away. While responding to this fire it was necessary to travel through a main street approaching the original fire. This highway was heavily congested on the right side but had a clear side on the left—the wrong side for traffic. While the apparatus was moving through on the left side, a woman darted across the path of the apparatus. In trying to avoid striking the woman, the apparatus was struck on the left side, by another automobile which swerved the apparatus so that the fire apparatus’ right fender struck her and knocked her…

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