Shanghai Fire Brigade

Issue 8 and Volume 86.

Shanghai Fire Brigade The International Settlement Has a Self-Contained Organization in the CAUSES of fire are very varied in Shanghai. Those due to electricity are few and as a rule result from unauthorized persons meddling with the installation. Cheap wire is used for added light fixtures as the average Chinese simply loves light. Lamps and kerosene cooking stoves are extensively used by the Chinese and through inattention and careless handling also cause fires. Chinese houses have no flues, for charcoal fires are used in the rooms. Often they place one under their brick bed to warm it, and let the fire burn all night. Smoking has increased tremendously among all classes of Chinese, men and women, and this has also caused more fires. Factories in the Settlement are very well supervised, being inspected by the P. W. D. of the Municipality in the course of building, and so few fires…

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