Hartford’s Old Steam Fire Engine Sold

Issue 10 and Volume 86.

Hartford’s Old Steam Fire Engine Sold This is a view of “Jumbo,” the veteran steam pumper of the Hartford, Conn., Fire Department, which was sold “down the river.” The famous old relic, which was purchased by the city of Hartford in 1889 for the then “exorbitant” price of $8,500, served Hartford’s East Side district for 40 years before it was retired from service in favor of a new motor driven pumper on August 1, 1929. Since then it remained in the rear of Engine No. 3 quarters. James E. Swan, a fire fan and manufacturer of Seymour, Conn., heard about “Jumbo’s” relegation to the background and made arrangements through Chief John Moran for its purchase. The price paid was $275. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with it,” Mr. Swan said, while discussing his new “toy,” as he called it. “Perhaps I’ll let the Seymour firemen use it…

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