Issue 10 and Volume 86.

FALSE ALARMS Courtesy, London Opinion INTERFERENCE Upstairs in the community house, the ladies were having an auxiliary meeting; downstairs an incident developed which was not covered by any known book of etiquette. A fireman jumped up from the chair which was tilted against the wall. “Pardon me, lady,” he said, “but that never would have happened if you hadn’t stepped between me and the spittoon.” There is one fellow who is such a good cook that the last time they went on a picnic, the ants came home with them. WRONG VOCATION Two fathers were discussing the merits of their sons with the candor of old cronies. “Take Herman, for example. Twice he’s taken the examination to join the department and each time lie’s been at the foot.” “In that case, why don’t you make him a chiropodist.” A furniture store displaced the sign, “You get the girl, we’ll do…

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