Fire Alarm Consciousness

Issue 10 and Volume 86.

Fire Alarm Consciousness Developing the Public’s “A city’s fire per capita fire loss in 1931 was 62 cents and in 1932 it was 41 cents. Let me tell you what is the reason. A man in that town now can’t go to church, his wife can’t go to a beauty shop, his children can’t go to school, without passing a fire alarm box. Every time they see a fire alarm box, they are subconsciously advised of the fact that that town has a Fire Department, and if you need us all you have to do is to press the button and we will get there. That is one town that is thoroughly fire alarm conscioud.” THE subject assigned to me is “Are We Fire Alarm Conscious?” As practically all of my life has been centered around one, I will not undertake at this time to delve into a scientific or…

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