Patents Issued for Smoke Ejector

Issue 11 and Volume 86.

Patents Issued for Smoke Ejector Capt. Loyal C. Moore, of Sacramento, Cal., has been granted a seceond patent for fire-fighting apparatus to be used in freeing sections of a burning building from smoke. The first patent was granted on August 30, 1932, and the second on September 12, 1933. The inventor claims that in addition to removing smoke from the basement of a building, the apparatus by creating a change in air currents, will prevent the hot gases from traveling up elevator shafts and stair openings, and it will thereby prevent the spread of fire to the upper parts of the building. The blaze will be drawn downward, away from the ceiling beams. Back in 1918, Capt. Moore assembled an apparatus with a 12-inch fan, driven by a twocylinder motorcycle. Smoke and gases were discharged through a 12-inch tube. It failed to meet expectations as the smoke was generated about…

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