Issue 11 and Volume 86.

CORRESPONDENCE Roof Covering Practice To the Editor : I was very much interested in an article in the October issue with reference to salvage work. When I was in command of the local volunteer corps, we established a practice which has worked out very well. We found, of course, that owners and occupants would abuse the privilege of having covers left, and would delay as long as possible making roof repairs. (Of course, we removed interior coverings when drip ceased and we made no charge for this service.) We, therefore, established a maximum of forty-eight hours free roof covering, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If roof covers were desired beyond that time, we made a charge of $1 per cover, per day, with a minimum of $10. The funds thus obtained were put into a special fund for purchase of new covers. Exceptions were made for poor families, of…

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