Fire Traps Civilian Forest Workers

Issue 11 and Volume 86.

Fire Traps Civilian Forest Workers Thirty-three workmen and civilian foresters were burned to death in Griffith Park, Cal., on October 3 when they were trapped in gulleys and ravines. In addition about one hundred others were injured and badly burned. The fire victims were nearly all recruits from unemployment lists who had gone into the brush covered foothills of the city park reservation. Many knew little about woodlands, and it is said, were easy prey for the flames because they became panicky and lost their way when the fire advanced. Some who escaped told of being so filled with fear that their muscles became paralyzed, and they fled only after the flames moved them to desperate efforts. It is believed that some workman, in spite of the many warning signs in the section, lit a cigarette and then carelessly tossed the butt to the roadside. The park is situated ten…

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