Time of Coupling Hose Reduced

Issue 11 and Volume 86.

Time of Coupling Hose Reduced A coupling which facilitates the connection of lengths of hose, has been designed by Theordore Slovinski, formerly of the Grand Rapids, Mich., Fire Department. The manufacturer claims that it will easily attach to any thread, no matter at what angle it may be applied, and without any danger of stripping the thread. It can be attached to a hydrant or hose coupling by one man without the use of any tools. There are no moving parts to the device, nor any adjustments to be made. Chief M. S. Philip of Chicago Heights, Ill., retired after serving as Chief for twenty-one years and a fire-fighter for thirty-seven years. Up until his appointment as Chief on June 1, 1912, he had served as a volunteer fireman for sixteen years. J. C. McCready, Assistant Chief, has been promoted to Chief.

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