Electrical Dispatcher Device

Issue 11 and Volume 86.

Electrical Dispatcher Device Sixty per cent of the runs made by the Fire Department of White Bear Lake, Minn., are to points outside of the city limits. It is a volunteer department and it is impossible to designate in advance which men are to make a run. Following many alarms, the entire fire-fighting force would leave the city to make the run several miles from the limits, and no one was left in the city to answer a possible second alarm. A dispatcher device has been designed by Chief Fred J. Campbell. It has ten sockets with lights, each controlled by a separate push button switch. The illuminated sign carries the names of two captains, two lieutenants, two engineers and three drivers. Pipemen and nozzlemen are not included. The first one of each of these ranks who reaches the fire house for an out-of-town run must push his button. This…

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