With the Editor

Issue 1 and Volume 87.

With the Editor New York Steps Ahead In a move to increase Fire Department efficiency and eliminate administrative costs, Honorable F. H. LaGuardia, New York City’s new mayor, has introduced an innovation which should prove highly successful. He has named Fire Chief John McElligott as Fire Commissioner and is to introduce in the Board of Aldermen legislation necessary to make the new Commissioner the executive as well as operating head of the Department. In other words, Chief McElligott will hold the jobs of Fire Chief and Fire Commissioner, which will be amalgamated into one. Several advantages of this arrangement are apparent. The Chief will have supreme command of, as well as sole responsibility for, the department. Better discipline should result, for there will be no countermanding or nullification of orders by political superiors. There will be no interference on the part of politically appointed superiors who know not even the…

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