Issue 2 and Volume 87.

CORRESPONDENCE Permanent Pools for Rural Fire Protection To the Editor: Rural departments are too often called to fires where, although there may be a small stream of water nearby, a great amount of time is lost in heaving in enough stone and sod to back up water for suction purposes. To overcome this handicap, I have recommended that in localities where there are enough houses or other buildings to warrant the outlay, and brooks or streams within a reasonable distance, permanent pools be built. A small dam will do the trick. Of course, these water-holes should be made where roads cross streams, so that a couple of lengths of suction hose will reach, or, if back from a roadway, suitable approaches should be provided or standpipes placed at the roadside. These water-holes also eliminate the connection factor where other departments are called on for aid. CWA money, I believe, is…

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