Vandals Damage Hose in Fire Station

Issue 2 and Volume 87.

Vandals Damage Hose in Fire Station Members of a fire company at New London, Conn., discovered that unknown vandals had deliberately poured sulphuric acid on fire hose and caused $1,000 damage. The act was discovered early as the hose in the apparatus was to be given its monthly airing to prevent mildew. When the rubberized cover on the apparatus was thrown back, there was a strong odor of acid, and the effects were noticed by the drivers. Chief Shipman found that the cover had been pulled back and about half a gallon of the acid poured over 1,100 feet of hose as it was coiled in the body of the truck. The outer covering had been eaten away and the acid worked down through the entire load and dropped on the floor. A patrolman was assigned to the investigation by the Police Department. In moving one of the acid tanks,…

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