With the Editor

Issue 3 and Volume 87.

With the Editor Another Source of Hose Trouble Most Fire Departmerit members are well acquainted with the damaging results of battery acid and gasoline on fire hose. But few are aware of another source of trouble that is shortening the life of much hose: greases or oils forced through lines of hose. It is the practice in many departments with certain types of fire pumps to insure the pump operating at suction, by forcing grease into the pump chamber. The purpose of this grease is to create a seal between the moving parts of the pump and the pump housing and thus enable the pump to lift water. This practice is frequently overdone, and far more grease is delivered into the pump than necessary. It is essential that this grease be viscous, or thick, in order to accomplish its purpose effectively. This very viscosity is responsible for the injury done.…

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