New Type of Booster Installation

Issue 3 and Volume 87.

New Type of Booster Installation A booster suction pump driven through a power take-off from the engine, and connected to a booster tank, is being marketed by W. S. Darley & Co., Chicago, I11. It has the advantage of continuous operation after the booster tank has been emptied, because the suction can be connected to a hydrant or other source of water supply. The pump has a capacity of seventy-five gallons a minute at one hundred pounds pressure when operating with a 1/2inch nozzle. With smaller tips, higher water pressures are secured. The installation is provided with relief and blow-off valves so that if a nozzle is shut off the pump will churn. The pump assembly weighs approximately one hundred pounds. Fire losses in Shreveport, La., have been reduced sixty per cent over the 1932 figures. Calls decreased from 1,253 for 1932 to 776 for 1933. Chief S. J. Flores…

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