Protection of Detroit Auto Plants

Issue 3 and Volume 87.

Protection of Detroit Auto Plants IN Detroit we have approximately 146 automobile and body plants. Some of these plants are eight stories high, 2,170 feet long and cover an area of 71.8 acres. The most essential protection in case of fire is the education received by the officers and men previous to the fire. Regular inspections are made to familiarize themselves with thousands of dollars worth of fire extinguishing equipment that has been installed. In making these inspections it is required of the firemen to make a sketch of the entire plant, showing the location of stairways and exits, hazards of which there are many: also gas shut-off valves, controls for shutting off electric current, sprinkler systems, gasoline and paint pumps; also fire-walls, windows leading into elevator shafts and all barriers that would retard the raising of ladders, etc., and also to see that good housekeeping conditions prevail. Sketch is…

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