Delaware, Ohio, City Hall Razed

Issue 3 and Volume 87.

Delaware, Ohio, City Hall Razed Fire and Police Departments of Delaware, Ohio, are without headquarters due to a fire which razed the City Hall on February 24, and destroyed all administration records of both departments. Two hoboes had been permitted to spend the night in jail and they discovered smoke seeping through the floor. The fire started in the police shooting range. Firemen, who had just returned from fighting a minor blaze, found the entire basement of the City Hall involved. Flames spread rapidly through the wood interior and the blaze was soon beyond control. Efforts were then directed towards saving the nearby buildings. Firemen were hampered by poor water pressure. Two fire companies from Columbus were credited with preventing the spread of flames. During the twenty-mile drive to Delaware, there were many shifts of drivers on the Columbus apparatus as the intense cold numbed the hands of the drivers.…

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