Texas Appoints Field Instructor

Issue 3 and Volume 87.

Texas Appoints Field Instructor Chief G. F. Williams, of Winters, Tex., has been appointed Field Instructor of the Training School by an Advisory Board consisting of four members from the Texas Firemen s and Fire Marshals’ Association and three members of the staff of the Texas A & M College. He is a Past-President of the Association. He will travel over the state and will conduct drills and schools of instruction with the volunteer departments. An automobile, in which are carried many department appliances and tools, is provided for his use. In six weeks, Chief Williams has conducted thirty night drills in South Texas, attended by over 1,400 firemen. Besides the field work and the annual meeting of the college, drill outlines are being mailed to the 487 departments in the state each quarter. These outlines serve to keep fresh the instruction given by the drillmasters from the larger departments…

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