Chief J. N. Sullivan Upheld

Issue 4 and Volume 87.

Chief J. N. Sullivan Upheld Seven lives were lost in a hotel fire which occurred February 26 in the Italian quarter of Utica, N. Y. For some hours after the tragedy criticism was aimed at the rescue efforts of the firemen, and Supervisor Thomas Ruggiero publicly demanded the resignation of the Chief of the Fire Department and of the Commissioner of Public Safety. An inquest before two Coroners resulted. Facts brought out by witnesses were that there was a delay of possihly ten minutes before the alarm was sent to the Fire Department by persons at the scene, and that there was no justification for the charge of lack of prompt response or inefficiency on the part of the Fire Department. It was further shown that two of the victims might have been saved had they left the building at first warning, but lost their lives because they remained in…

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