Issue 4 and Volume 87.

FALSE ALARMES A MISFIT He was detailed to be present at the annual college dance in accordance with a local regulation concerning fire prevention regulations in places of public assembly. All the guests were present in formal evening clothes, and therefore his blue coat and silver buttons were very conspicuous. A guest who was slightly the worse for liquid refreshment came over to him. He asked, “Do you smoke?” “No,” answered the fireman. “Do you drink?” “No.” “Do you eat hay, then?” “Of course not.” “Gee! You’re not a fit companion for man or beast.” When we told our doctor we’d pay him in a few weeks, he snapped, “What do you think I’m in business for—your health?” WRONG ARCH The annual memorial services were held this year in the First Presbyterian Church. A large representation of the department was present. When it came time to make the church announcements,…

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