Fire Department Awaits Burning Ship

Issue 4 and Volume 87.

Fire Department Awaits Burning Ship With more or less frequency, cases have been reported of motorists driving burning automobiles to the door of some fire station so that the firemen could extinguish the blaze. But it is rare for a Fire Department to constitute a reception committee for a burning ship. Fire broke out in the cargo hold of the “City of Montgomery,” headed for New York City. A radio message was received that a fire on the boat was under control. The fire boat Gaynor was assigned to be on the lookout for the incoming vessel, and when the boat was sighted in the lower bay, the Fire Department was prepared to handle the situation. The boat was docked and the passengers taken off at once. The “City of Montgomery” was then escorted by the fire boat to an empty pier where it was wharfed. Firemen then opened the…

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