Ex-Chief Dougherty Speaks in Boston

Issue 4 and Volume 87.

Ex-Chief Dougherty Speaks in Boston There was a large attendance at the meeting of the Box 52 Association held on the evening of March 21 in the Boston Chamber of Commerce. The speakers were P. Hildreth Parker on “A Suggested Scheme for Mutual Aid in New England Fire Departments”; Ex-Assistant Chief Thomas F. Dougherty, of New York, N. Y., on “Some Hazards Encountered in Fire Fighting”; and Harold Walker, of the National Fire Protection Association, on “Fire Losses and Their Causes.” Among those present were Chief Selden R. Allen, Brookline, Mass., President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief George L. Johnson. Waltham. Mass.; Chief William H. Hill. Belmont, Mass.; Supt. George H. Bowen, of the Boston Automatic Fire Alarm Company; and Deputy Chief Walter M. McLean, of the Boston Fire Department. Winchendon, Mass., has voted to spend $7,000 for a combination motor pumping engine.

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