Seattle Firemen Win Pay Suit

Issue 4 and Volume 87.

Seattle Firemen Win Pay Suit The validity of an initiative ordinance adopted at the 1924 election fixing salaries of firemen and policemen was upheld by a Supreme Court decision which held further that waivers of salaries by public officers were against public policy and therefore of no force and effect. A former fireman brought action to collect the difference between the salary fixed by the ordinance and that actually paid him under a form of waiver which he signed under protest. The decision stated that, “The charter of the City of Seattle, taken as a whole, must be held to mean that a referendum ordinance cannot be altered, amended or repealed by any less authority than that which called it into being; and that, therefore, the 1933 salary ordinance reducing the salaries of firemen passed by the Council without referring it to the voters was illegal.” The decision is considered…

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