PWA Allots $460,000 to San Francisco

Issue 4 and Volume 87.

PWA Allots $460,000 to San Francisco The Public Works Administration has alloted a grant of $460,000 to San Francisco for extension of the city’s high pressure fire protection mains in nine districts, and the construction of twenty underground cisterns to serve as emergency water supply sources should both the domestic and high pressure system fail. The estimated cost of this project is $2,000,000. A year will be required to complete the work, and an average of 450 men will be given employment during that length of time. Keene, N. H., is seeking an appropriation for the purchase of a 600-gallon pumper. The need for new apparatus has been stressed by Chief Eugene B. Riley. Talks on fire subjects have been arranged by William Paul Babcock, in his series “The Column of Fire,” through Station WGNY. Talks have been given by Judge Tompkins, Chris Noll and David Leerburger. On April 24,…

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