Qualifications of the Volunteer

Issue 5 and Volume 87.

Qualifications of the Volunteer ORGANIZATION means unity and unity means strength and strength means power, and so we have organization standing for unity, strength and power. All that organization needs, therefore, to accomplish good or evil is opportunity. Organization may be termed a collection of individual units brought together for a given purpose. These units may be human beings, voluntarily banding themselves together for one reason or another; or the units may be the atoms or the electrons of the hidden world seeking strength and power under the native laws. Every government is based upon organization—each in its own way and according to its own needs and standards. Business, when it outgrew primitive man, was the child of organization under many names; until today, combinations of combinations rule the commodities ot life in all parts of the world. Indiana Towns Dependent Upon Volunteer Firemen In the state of Indiana we…

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