Fairfield Chiefs’ Plan Discusses Arson

Issue 5 and Volume 87.

Fairfield Chiefs’ Plan Discusses Arson The principal speaker at the regular meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan of Fairfield County, Conn., was Bernard Scully, Assistant Chief of Westport, Conn., and Special Agent for the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Mr. Scully chose the subject of arson, and described the case of a man who had heavily insured his life, and then decoyed an individual—a down-and-outer—who resembled him to one of his houses, setting fire to the house. The plan was for the man insured to disappear and for the beneficiary— his wife—to collect the insurance. He would then have joined her abroad, and they would have lived on the proceeds under assumed names. However, the scheme failed, as the victim threw off the rag saturated with ether before being overcome and escaped from the burning building, with severe burns and other injuries. The arsonist was convicted. The meeting of…

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