Issue 9 and Volume 87.

CONVENTION DATES S. 11.13—MASSACHUSETTS STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 55th Annual Convention, Holyoke, Mass. Secretary, Daniel J. Looney, 1137 Old South Bldg., Boston, Mass. Sept. 11-14—PACIFIC COAST ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. 41st Annual Convention, Pasadena Civic auditorium, Pasadena, Cal. Secretary, Jay W. Stevenns, 1014 Merchants Exchange Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. Sept. 14-15—EASTERN ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. 7th Annual Convention, Hagerstown, Md. Secretary, Chief F. E. Soule, Coatesville, Pa. Sept. 17-30—CALIFORNIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 12th Annual Convention, Santa Cruz, Cal. Secretary-Treasurer, H. E. Strasser, 1171 Tenth Ave., San Diego, Cal. Sept. 18-19—DELAWARE VOLUNTEER FIREMENS ASSOCIATION. I4th Annual Convention, Harrington, Del. Secretary, Sam H. Carson, Dover, Del. Sept. 18-19— IOWA FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 57th Annual Convention, Creston, Ia Secretary, Paul A. Soener, Independence, la. Sept 21-22—NEW JERSEY STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 57th Annual Convention, Atlantic City Auditorium, Atlantic City, N. J. Secretary. Evan F. Benners, Moorestown, N. J. Sept. 26—FIRE CHIEFS’ EMERGENCY PLAN OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY,…

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