Code Authorities Approved

Issue 9 and Volume 87.

Code Authorities Approved The National Recovery Administration has approved the personnel of the code authority for the motor fire apparatus manufacturing industry and the fire extinguisher appliance manufacturing industry, as follows: Motor fire apparatus manufacturing industry—C. P. Rose, American-La France & Foamite Industries, Inc., New York City; G. R. Stephens, Fire Appliance Corporation, Buffalo, N. Y.; H. B. Spain, Seagrave Corporation, Columbus, Ohio; C. H. Fox, Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; S. O. Cook, Boyer Fire Apparatus Company, Logansport, Ind. Fire extinguishing appliance manufacturing industry—E. E. O’Neill, American-LaFrance & Foamite Industries, Inc., Elmira, N. Y.; A. H. Blackett, Badget Fire Extinguisher Company, Boston, Mass.; G. R. Stephens, Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation, Buffalo, N. Y.; R. C. Iddings, Fyr Fyter Company, Dayton, Ohio; B. F. Allnutt, Miller Peerless Manufacturing Company, Chicago; Dana Estes, Knight & Thomas, Inc., Boston, Mass.; E. G. Weed, Pyrene Manufacturing Company, Newark, N. J.

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