The Devil to Pay

Issue 9 and Volume 87.

The Devil to Pay AS we go to press comes the news of the terrible fire disaster which befell the S.S. Morro Castle. Supposedly of fire resistant construction and equipped throughout with all the latest fire fighting appliances, the boat was apparently considered immune from any serious danger of fire. Yet the seemingly impossible happened. As usual, there will be investigations, the blame will probably be established and rigid new rules and requirements promulgated to prevent a recurrence. But all of that won’t bring back the many lives that were sacrificed. Once again the lock will have been put on the barn door after the horse was stolen. City officials who blindly insist that their communities are safe from conflagration might well take this tragedy as a sound example of fheir fallacious notions. They had better realize before if is too late that there’s nothing more dangerous, for one thing,…

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