Pacific Coast Fire Chiefs Meet

Issue 10 and Volume 87.

Pacific Coast Fire Chiefs Meet Chiefs attending the forty-first annual convention of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs at Pasadena, Cal., September 11-14, were welcomed by Gov. Frank F. Merriam from the state capital through a special radio hookup. He paid special tribute to the excellent work of Jay W. Stevens, Secretary of the association and State Fire Marshal. Chief Charles J. Brennan, San Francisco, told how the Fire Department met the crisis in the general strike last June. He explained the department’s part in preventing chaos and disorder. A gas demonstration was made by officials of the Union Oil Company cooperating with Chief Ralph Williams of Fresno. A paper by Chief John F. Healy, Denver, Col., on, “Radio paper on “Testing Fire Engines,” was read by Herbert Communications for Fire Departments,” was read and a Raines, Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters. Dudley Monk, Chairman, Fire and Police…

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