Issue 10 and Volume 87.

FALSE ALARMS —Drawing by “Art” Espey NO ADVANTAGE The Rotary Club had secured a prominent resident at the county seat to talk at their weekly luncheon. He arrived early and it became the duty of the President to entertain him. He took him for a ride to show him the town. The visitor remarked at the number of houses on one street that were vacant. “That’s because of the fire house there.” “That’s strange. What’s that got to do with it?” “The band practices there.” Cavemen used to knock girls senseless. With some, that isn’t necessary now. SWEET REVENGE Perkin’s wife has a queer way of getting even with the telephone company. She uses her car to knock down their poles. It is not always true that young people are spendthrifts. A boy and a girl can start down a country road in a car about dusk and be gone…

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