Good Building Methods Shown

Issue 10 and Volume 87.

Good Building Methods Shown Assistant-Chief Alex Green, of the Morris Township, N. J., Fire Department has recently completed a model house for the use of the department. The model is 22 inches by 23 inches by 28 1/2 inches in height, and is built to a scale of one foot to the inch. It is mounted on casters and a platform is provided so that the house can be moved about and viewed from any side by the audience. The model is in two sections. One section shows the approved type of construction required under Building Codes, resulting in greater structural strength and designed to prevent the rapid spread of fire through the building. The other section shows the type of construction usually referred to as “Balloon frame,” which is common where there is no Building Code. Different types of roof framing and covering are shown. Cut-away sections show floor…

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