Arthur R. Seyferlich Dead

Issue 12 and Volume 87.

Arthur R. Seyferlich Dead “A one legged fireman is no fireman at all,” and firm in that belief, Arthur R. Seyferlich, Fire Commissioner of Chicago, refused to have a leg amputated in an effort to save his life. He died on November 30 at the age of sixty-four as the result of diabetic gangrene. He was taken to the Henrotin Hospital ten days previous and was told his only chance depended on the amputation of his leg. He refused to grant permission. Chief Seyferlich received two blood transfusions and appeared to rally for a while. With him when he died were his son, Arthur, a nephew and his three chauffeurs. Chief Seyferlich was born in Chicago, and when he was twenty-three years old he joined the Fire Department. He was advanced to Lieutenant five years later; became Captain in 1904; Battalion Chief in 1908; Assistant Fire Marshal in 1911, and…

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