How New York Fought Election Fires

Issue 12 and Volume 87.

How New York Fought Election Fires Perhaps no city in these United States is the scene of as many bonfires on the night of Election Day as is New York. For years it has been traditional to store away tons of wood for days in advance in preparation for Election Night. This year, however, Chief McElligott requested and received the aid of the Department of Sanitation in the form of eighty-six flushing trucks. It was the first time that the Street Cleaning Department aided the Fire Department in that manner. The trucks were assigned to the neighborhods that have been notorious for their bonfires and for gang bravado. To each flusher was assigned a policeman and a fireman. The latter was required to wear his fire hat. Trucks were driven by Sanitation Department chauffeurs. There were 1,670 bonfires in New York on Election Night, although the election from the standpoint…

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