Questions and Answers

Issue 2 and Volume 88.

Questions and Answers Carbon Tetrachloride Fumes To the Editor : I wonder if you have available any information on carbon tetrachloride extinguishers. I am especially interested in learning if the gas given off by this type of extinguisher is in any way harmful to a human being. If you have record of any such cases I would appreciate the details of the same. Also, if a quart of this liquid were used in a room to extinguish a fire, how large a room would this amount of liquid render unfit for combustion? Relative to my first question, if I remember correctly there was a fire in a New York subway in which this type of extinguisher caused a number of people to be overcome. I also know of a man who claims to have been “knocked out” in this manner. I have noticed a choking gas when using this extinguisher.…

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