Issue 2 and Volume 88.

CORRESPONDENCE Need for Fire Detection Systems To the Editor: The burning of the steamship “Morro Castle” at sea and the destruction by fire of the hotel at Lansing, Mich., with its dreadful sacrifice of human life, emphasizes the importance and necessity of the early detection of fire by an automatic thermostatic fire alarm or a watchman’s time detector system. Had an automatic thermostatic fire alarm been installed and a properly drilled fire brigade been on hand, the fire could have been attacked at its origin and extinguished before it became uncontrollable in both of these catastrophes. “A little fire is quickly trodden out. which, being suffered, rivers cannot quench” is true now as in Shakespeare’s day. In the Building Departments, working under the Commissioners are trained electricians who inspect and supervise the installation of fire alarm systems. They not only detect mechanical and electrical trouble but cure it so that…

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