Eastern Chiefs to Meet June 21-22

Issue 3 and Volume 88.

Eastern Chiefs to Meet June 21-22 At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs, held at the Hotel Pennsylvania. New York City, on March 2, it was decided to hold the annual Convention of this Association at Ocean City, N. J., on June 21 and 22. The New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Association will meet in the same city on June 20, and members of each organization will be invited to attend that of the other. Headquarters at Ocean City will be the Flanders Hotel, a large modern hotel of sufficient size to handle the combined meeting with ease. A very excellent program is being prepared, of which the Round Table feature will be carried out in the same effective manner as at past conventions. Cooperation between large and small departments, the handling of hazards similar to that represented by the Kerns Hotel…

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