Saskatoon Fire Prevent Book

Issue 3 and Volume 88.

Saskatoon Fire Prevent Book A fire prevention book, which also marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the paid department, has been issued by the Saskatoon Fire Department. Saskatoon, Canada. Besides articles by Chief J. E. Faithfull and local city officials, it has material reprinted from various sources, and it has reproductions of interesting fire department photographs. It contains a lengthy article on how to prevent fire in the home. An article, “The Fire Fighter and His Affiliations,” has been prepared by I. Ritchie, President, Local 80, I. A. F. F. Fire losses in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, have dropped from $3,564,485 in 1931 to $1,869,903 in 1933. For all of Canada they have dropped from $47,117,334 in 1931 to $32,676,314 in 1933. A static spark set fire to twenty tanks of rubber cement at the plant of the Lincoln Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio. Chief James Armstrong of Kingston, Out., Canada,…

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