Brush and Grass Fires

Issue 4 and Volume 88.

Brush and Grass Fires TWELVE YEARS ago may or may not be a time in the distant past. For many residents of Berkeley, Cal., it is but a short period, for they can recall with all the harrowing details, September 17, 1923. On that day the city lost 584 buildings, and thirty others were seriously damaged, all because a brush fire from the hills three miles north of the city crept towards the city during a high wind. This $10,000,000 fire which made 4,000 persons homeless was but a small grass fire at the start, but within two hours it had approached and menaced houses within Berkeley. At one time the fire presented a total front of about 1,600 feet in width. Within the next forty minutes, burning brands which were carried by high winds, had spread the fire to a maximum width of 2,400 feet. Most Fires Occur in…

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