Louisville Has Improvement Program

Issue 4 and Volume 88.

Louisville Has Improvement Program Since the appointment of Chief Edward McHugh and Assistant Chief Sherrill Render, of Louisville, Ky., in January, 1934, a number of improvements are being made to the Fire Department. All pumpers are to be rebuilt, modernized and standardized. Solid tires will be replaced by pneumatic tires. Chemical tanks, large and small, will be replaced by booster tanks and six-gallon hand pumps. Several pumpers have already been re-built in the department shops and some will be changed al the apparatus factories. New ladder trucks are to be purchased, two new pumpers were placed in service last December, and a six-tank carbon dioxide engine was purchased and mounted on an International truck chassis. Fire Prevention inspections are being conducted by the company instead of by individual men. On each Monday, an entire company in the First Battalion, both the on and off platoons, inspect designated buildings or factories…

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