Issue 4 and Volume 88.

The WATCH DESK Hot Seat Harvey Pontius, of Indiana, literally had his pants burned off when he forgot his trousers were oil soaked and struck match on their seat. Doctors said he was not seriously injured. F. D. report on “seat of fire” was interesting— but not to Harvey. Brew Blows Out Blaze Larchmont firemen were called to apartment of Mrs. Storey, in Brompton Apartment. Huge steak fed flames in oven which was red hot. All visible home remedies failing—salt, flour, etc.—vols were about to dump extinguishers on blaze when one had bright idea. “Have you any beer here,” he asked Mrs. Storey. “Yes,” she replied, “but don’t drink it now—put out the fire first.” (visions of beer drinking vols in mind no doubt). He got her last bottle. While one man yanked open oven doors, he shook bottle and sprayed foamy beer onto blaze. Fire quit—so did vols. Three—And…

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