Dayton Sponsors Junior Baseball Leagues

Issue 4 and Volume 88.

Dayton Sponsors Junior Baseball Leagues Officers and men of the Dayton Fire Department, Dayton, Ohio, are already engaged in laying plans for the coming baseball season. This will be the third year of their program of sponsoring Junior Baseball Leagues in the city, and in view of the success during the past two seasons, they feel sure that this year the project will be even more successful than it has been in the past. The two leagues, the National and the American, will be organized with six teams in each league. In this way, twelve of the city’s fifteen Engine Houses will have representation in this program. On each team, members of the local Department act as coaches and managers. An umpires staff is fully organized in the Department and these men will, in preparation of the coming season, again repeat their training school on rules and regulations of the…

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