Montana Votes for Eight-Hour Day

Issue 5 and Volume 88.

Montana Votes for Eight-Hour Day Montana has taken the lead in reference to an eight-hour day for firemen as reported on page 146 of the April issue of FIRE ENGINEERING. By a vote of 87 to 4, the state House of Representatives approved a bill which provides for a three platoon system in cities of the first class, and the firemen are to receive a minimum salary of $150 a month. The bill was signed by the Governor. The combined Fire and Police Departments of Lewistown, Mont., will have roll call at 8 a.m., 4 p.m., and midnight, in accordance with the new measure. All members will be required to work straight eight hours with no time off for meals and no going to bed on shift. Off shift members are required to report in cases of emergency. Butte has been operating under the three-platoon system since early in the…

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