Plan to Load Hose Into Fire Apparatus

Issue 5 and Volume 88.

Plan to Load Hose Into Fire Apparatus A device, illustrated herewith, is designed to assist in loading hose into the body of fire apparatus. The idea was conceived by Captain Hennig, of the Highland Park, Ill., Fire Department, and the following description and the drawing shown were furnished by Edward C. Hoskin, Fire Marshal of that department: Take an oil sign standard, with 24-inch iron base and tap the center for a 1 1/2-inch pipe. Cut threads on a piece of the pipe and screw into the base. The length of the pipe should be 36 inches. Take the round top of the oil sign and drill four 1/4-inch holes in it. Then remove a rear wheel and axle from an old Chevrolet car and bolt to the sign. Place the axle in the 1 1/2-inch pipe. If desired, place a large washer between the pipe and the flange of…

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