Issue 5 and Volume 88.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day Fumes and Gasses Almost every day we read in the newspapers “Fireman Overcome by Smoke (or gasses).” The reading public accepts this as a part of the life of the fireman—and goes on with its reading. Only the man in the Fire Service knows the dangers that lurk in smoke and fumes. Here are just a few examples, culled at random from a large collection: “Fighting at close quarters to prevent hot blaze in tons of paper from spreading through loft building, crew of Engine 26 (N. Y. F. D.) cut hole in floor, operated cellar-pipe. Flames melted gas meter, overcame entire crew. Men of Engine 65. sent to rescue, were also overcome. The 13 firemen recovered.” “Small fire in one of three sub-cellars of seven-story garage. E. 92nd Street (N. Y. C.) knocked out 10 firemen,…

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