Chief Dowling 34 Years With Force

Issue 6 and Volume 88.

Chief Dowling 34 Years With Force Chief W. Q. Dowling, of Jacksonville, Fla., celebrated his thirty-fourth anniversary with the department. From a rookie, he became foreman in 1905 and in 1919 was promoted to engine foreman. In 1920 he became Third Assistant Chief, Second Assistant Chief in 1926, First Assistant Chief in 1928, and on April 1, 1930, Deputy Chief. Three months later, when Chief H. R. McMillan retired due to illness, he became Chief. Chief John H. Espey of Elmira, N. Y., observed his forty eighth anniversary as a member of the department and his thirty-first anniversary as head of the fire service. He is a charter member of the New York State l ire Chiefs’ Association. and held office in several fire chiefs’ organizations.

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