Ready fo Fight Fire with Cannon

Issue 6 and Volume 88.

Ready fo Fight Fire with Cannon When the 80,000 barrel storage tank of the Shell Petroleum Company was struck by lightning and caught fire in May, firemen fought it by bringing in a 3-inch cannon from a nearby tank farm. The cannon was not needed, but its use was to help keep the oil into the pit and enable it to burn faster. The tank collapsed, however, and the oil ran into the pit without assistance. The fire occurred on the Shell lease seventeen miles southwest of Big Spring, Texas. Huge clouds of smoke from the tank, with its 35,000 barrels of oil, so filled the sky that they were sighted fifty miles and more away. Firemen made an effort at first to pump the oil from the blazing tank, but the pumps were clogged by wood and debris from the roof that fell in after the lightning stroke. The…

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