Five Lives Lost at Boston Fire

Issue 6 and Volume 88.

Five Lives Lost at Boston Fire Five lives were lost as the result of a fire in the home of John Lavalle, noted portrait painter, in the Back Bay residential district of Boston on May 7. The blaze is believed to have started from the spontaneous ignition of rags used for cleaning silver in the butler’s pantry. The flames had obtained great headway and swept up a stairway before the alarm was given shortly before 5 a.m. The 70-year old mother of the artist and a 14-year old girl, were burned to death; two maids were killed by jumping from the fourth floor; a member of the family died in a hospital from burns and injuries. A maid was rescued by firemen over a ladder from an iron balcony. A 10-year old boy escaped injury when he jumped and landed in soft ground on the lawn. The artist and his…

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