Issue 11 and Volume 88.

CONVENTION DATES Nov 16—PROPOSED NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE. FANS. Meeting to organize such association. Book-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Mich. Address, Paxton Mendelssohn, Chief, Box 12 Associates, 2428 Buhl Bldg., Detroit, Mich, Nov. 25— MASSACHUSETTS FIRE PREVENTION ASSOCIATION. Next Meeting, Central Fire Station Somerville, Mass. SecretaryTreasurer, Louis A. Novak, Norfolk, Mass. Dec. 7— MIDHUDSON HARLEM FIRE CHIEFS’ ASSOCIATION. Regular Meeting. Fairview Fire Department. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Secretary, Chief Henry F. Drake, Clinton Corners, N. Y. June. 1936—SOUTH CAROLINA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 31st Annual Convention. Camden, S C„ exact date to be decided later. Secretary-Treasurer, John H. Wohlers, Chief, Fire Department. Charleston, S. C. June 17, 1936— NORTHWESTERN OHIO FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 63rd Annual Convention, Bowling Green, Ohio. Secretary, J, W. Gardner, Ashland, Ohio. June 24-26. 1936— MARYLAND STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 44th Annual Convention, Hagerstown, Md. Secretary, George RLindsay, Hagerstown, Md. July 7 10, 1936 PROVINCE OF QUEBEC POLICE AND FIRE CHIEFS’ ASSOCIATION. 4th…

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